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Culture can make extraordinary things happen.


An organization’s capacity to reinvent itself in a digital world rests largely on its leaders and their commitment to creating a culture of innovation and change.

The Edgenda team helps you stimulate the potential of your talent and to find, attract and retain key resources to give your organization the power to achieve successful strategic transformation. 

Support and Coaching

In an ever-evolving organizational context, it becomes essential to develop the right skills, mindsets and behaviours to inspire, influence and mobilize.

Edgenda consultants design personalized coaching journeys to enhance all facets of leadership from operational management to strategic thinking.

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Talent Development

Next-generation management professionals, millennials, operational and strategic leaders, professionals, trainers, front-line employees, customer service personnel.

Edgenda offers you a range of programs tailored to your people and context. Our experts collaborate with your teams to personalize content and create practical activities. We develop your talent through self-knowledge, interactions with others and action-based learning. 

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Training Solutions

The learning pace of an organization can be a significant competitive advantage. The latest innovations, social networks and cognitive science developments are conducive to the creation of new training solutions tailored to market dynamics.

Training project management, design and development of customized training and strategic sourcing, the Edgenda team is a great ally in improving the learning outcomes of individuals, teams and your organization. 

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Transformation of Work Habits and Tools

In the digital age, no organization can evolve and become a market leader without transforming the work habits of its employees and teams.

Edgenda supports your leaders and teams in adopting tools or non-traditional solutions and in creating new processes. We believe the transformation of work habits not only increases your business’s productivity, but also enhances satisfaction and engagement on the part of individuals and teams.     

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Change Management

The digital revolution requires ongoing change management. Organizational transformation challenges are increasing both in numbers and complexity and thus require a new approach.

Our multidisciplinary teams support leaders, teams and individuals in their adherence to movements by implementing specific strategies in consideration of the organization’s business objectives, as well as human behaviours and feelings towards transformation. 

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Diagnostic Tools

The Edgenda team proposes tools that can provide you with a realistic picture of your organization, teams and employees.

Training service auditing, skills assessment, leadership development: we clearly identify your context and your edge to set up relevant and measurable strategies and initiatives. 

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Talent management and the succession pipeline

Working closely with the HR team, we developed a strategy, a program and the appropriate support materials. We trained the HR team, the recruits’ line managers and the recruits themselves throughout all 8 modules.

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End-to-end Solutions


Leadership Camp

Optimize your operational leadership or prepare your next generation of managers with our modular and practical program. We adapt our approach to the business context of your organization and the profile of the participants. Nearly 20,000 people have already lived this experience.


Leadership Camp - Virtual Journey

Experienced a 100 % online learning journey with a skilled live coach. Personal profile, micro-learning, practical content and real-time virtual workshops: new ways of learning that are fully adapted to your world.

The Studio

Experts at your service to design and produce training capsules that are adapted to your needs. E-learning, m-learning or virtual reality: we deliver innovative training experiences to accelerate the development of your teams and to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Azure Cloud Workshop

Speed up your deployment and adoption of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services solution with our practical workshops intended for architects and technicians. Our field experts evolve along with the solution and ensure that the best practices are efficiently transferred to your organization. 


Office 365 Accelerator

Reap the benefits of a different pedagogical approach, based on the tool itself, for easier user transition to Office 365. Personal profile, micro-learning and video tutorials: accessible coaching that highlights the competitive edge Office 365 provides.

Performance needs skills

For nearly 20 years, our AFI Expertise division has offered certified trainings designed to develop or update your skills. Stay ahead of the game. Consult our course catalogue.

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IT Talent Incubator

Make sure that your IT teams is onboard with the impact of new technology. Our approach enables us to identify, measure and optimally develop high-potential employees or external candidates to stay a step ahead of the market.

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