Coaching & Leadership

Leadership is both an art and a sport that requires discipline. One must practice it seriously.

Organizations, teams and leaders must continuously enhance their innovation and resilience capacities to stand out in any circumstance.

Measuring and challenging yourself matters. The Edgenda team will help you evolve. Our learning paths are experiences to ignite your creativity and culture of excellence. Our animators, facilitators, coaches, inspired by Kaospilot and the Mozaik coaching school, act as igniters of collective creations that permeate the organization, generating sustainable results. We assess your progress using various tools. Our holistic approach develops high-performance business athletes and teams that propel your organization's success.

Employee Experience

Employee experience is contagious - and essential for your organization to succeed. It must inspire and foster the full potential of your employees and teams, so they remain passionate, committed and successful every day.

Edgenda's team will help you increase employee satisfaction and achieve results quickly. We assess your employees' experience to identify barriers and opportunities. We develop strategies, practices and tools to measure and improve employee engagement continuously. In a competitive and scarcity context, our approach allows you to co-create lasting memories generating the proper field responses, and create a distinctive, meaningful and recognized experience.

Leadership Development

Leadership does not just belong to managers. To stay relevant, agile and achieve lasting success, the organization must unleash the creativity and the best of each individual and team.

Edgenda's distinctive learning paths are designed to develop, coach and equip individuals (executives, managers, professionals) and teams, whatever their lifeline in the organization.A mobilizing, highly performing, agile, coaching, and transformational leader cultivates a climate allowing her/his entourage and teams to develop and innovate. Elevating your leader roster helps build and maintain a competitive advantage. Our workshops, facilitation and coaching allow you to experiment, appropriate and embody the desired individual and collective leadership. We measure your evolution.

Coaching Organizations

Embodying leadership is both art and discipline. Shifting from state of mind to attitude, from words to actions, impacts your ability to inspire, influence, mobilize and transform the unexpected into opportunity.

Edgenda's team of certified coaches works your leadership muscles. Our recognized approach tailors to the context of individuals and organizations. While developing your tools and key competencies, it elevates autonomy and responsibility. As a conductor of human relations, we act to create robust and reassuring relational spaces, allowing each individual to assume a more powerful, courageous and authentic leadership - regardless of individual or team dynamics. Our status and evolution assessment tools deliver pertinent and efficient diagnoses.

Case study

Talent management and the succession pipeline

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Working closely with the HR team, we developed a strategy, a program and the appropriate support materials. We trained the HR team, the recruits’ line managers and the recruits themselves throughout all 8 modules.

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End-to-end Solutions


Leadership and Team Management

Leader, if you aspire to develop your practices and equip yourself to maximize your performance and impact in today's work environment - this program is for you. Learn to communicate effectively, structure work, and motivate the team while improving collaboration in a virtual world.


Leadership and Team Management – Online

Fully virtual coach-led development path. Evolving profile, micro-learning, practical content and real-time virtual workshops: take advantage of an innovative, flexible and stimulating learning method that blends into your reality.

Coaching school

For those seeking a path to professional coach certification or leadership skills transformation tools, explore our International Mozaik's ICF-recognized ACTP and ASCTH programs.


Manage Teams Remotely

Managers and leaders looking to improve and develop virtual team dynamics: this training is for you. This program allows the development of skills and the adoption of techniques necessary to engage, motivate and achieve results - even remotely.


Leader Camp™

Recruits, 1st level, coordinators, proximity leaders

Change Leaders™

Professionals, leaders, business partners, agile and ICF certified coaches

Navigating Complexity™ 

Agile leaders and teams

Transformational Leader™ 

Executives, Transformation and leadership teams

Performance needs skills

For 20 years, our AFI Expertise division has offered certified trainings designed to develop or update your skills. Stay ahead of the game. Consult our course catalogue.

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