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In order to remain relevant in the market, you must continually develop new skills, unlearn old ways of thinking and learn every day. Careers are extending, innovation is accelerating, and crises are emerging. The ability to acquire new knowledge and take immediate action is becoming essential.

Edgenda, as a leading all-in-one shop in the industry, provides innovative approaches to skills’ development, making them powerful lever for organizational and individual transformation. Drawing on expertise across multiple disciplines, we explore everything within our reach to develop the human potential. Whether it is for skills development, upgrading or advance training, our methods highlight your needs, measure the impact of your training and development investment, and allow you to develop an innovative and distinctive learning culture today – to build the future.

Learning Strategy

Developing skills is no longer limited to a series of training events. It's an ongoing process. Facilitating access to content to build individual and collective potential is not enough. The strategy must create foundation and opportunity.

Edgenda helps bold organizations build learning strategies and responsive, agile ecosystems with the best ROI. We can perform skills mapping, gap measurement, identify and align processes, technologies, content and training solutions to help you digitize, evolve or change a culture. Our methods promote commitment, collaboration, reflection, autonomy and confidence to put learning into action. We collaborate with you to define a strategy with maximum impact on your development, achieve your business objectives and strengthen your culture.

Custom Design

A transformational learning experience must acknowledge business objectives, organizational issues and the learners' everyday reality.

Edgenda's team creates and delivers rich and engaging training and experiences. Our expertise in technology, pedagogy, cognitive sciences, learning psychology, and product development and transformation allows us to quickly design custom solutions suitable for any context, content and learner profile. We bring your ideas to life in class, virtual, online, coaching or hybrid mode. We promote integrated solutions, customized for individual and collective realities, in action. Our in-depth understanding of business, strategy, design and technology allows us to help you reach your goals and achieve measurable results quickly and on a large scale.

Educational Technologies

As they seamlessly integrate with reality, technologies allow you to connect with employees, assess your needs and embolden your strategies. This powerful leverage helps optimize the human experience and employee life cycle - but can easily get lost in it all.

At Edgenda, we are passionate about education, and we are technology geeks! We specialize in educational technology to create, disseminate, integrate and support better learning. Our Learning Technology Innovation Lab - to facilitate co-creation with our clients - helps us imagine, develop and test tools, applications and impacts. Our rich expertise enables us to support your choices, their implementation and their evolution - from technological platforms (LXP/LMS/LRS...) to augmented reality through data analysis.

Training Coordination and Logistics

Training management, coordination and logistics is a trade we often underestimate. It requires experience and resources. It can't be improvised.

Along with its division AFI Expertise, Edgenda's team can orchestrate your training projects, in parts or globally. From ideation to strategy to delivery, we provide expertise, workforce (trainers, coordinators, facilitators) and infrastructure to realize your most daring ideas in any delivery mode (virtual, classroom, platform). Our facilities are designed to stimulate innovation, learning and collaboration (offices, rooms, equipment, business lounges, creative spaces, virtual spaces). We provide a wide range of turnkey options for your training, conferences, meetings - from the simplest to the most strategic and edgy! We've been doing this for over 20 years.

Learning Paths and Courses à la carte

The future is settling in faster and faster. Stay ahead of the game: target the most useful and relevant skills for the market and accelerate your learning paths' development.

With AFI Expertise, Edgenda provides access to a learning content library rich with over 500 innovative turnkey training programs, courses, capsules and certification programs. Available through licenses, user rights, acquisition or other means, optimize and co-create your programs in any delivery mode (classroom, e-learning, video capsules, virtual reality). Our team - including our field experts - selects, updates and provides the most relevant solutions to promptly co-create training experiences that will have an immediate impact on your organization. Developing human potential is at the heart of our mission.

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