Strategy and Operations

Markets belong to the most agile.

Your models are changing. Technological innovations are accelerating. The digital revolution is inevitably transforming organizations, individuals and culture. Your strategy must be customer- and employee-centric to remain sustainable.

Speed matters. Edgenda's multidisciplinary team helps you develop human and technological strategies and initiatives to help your organization evolve. We act on the right levers quickly.

Organizational Transformation

Your transformation is not linear. And in an ever-changing context, bringing together operations management and innovation is essential. To reinvent quickly, you must adopt new perspectives and operationalize them effectively.

Edgenda's multidisciplinary team acts as an accelerator. We help you develop and implement your strategies to transform customer experience, business models and services. Our structured and agile approach, our tools and our expertise allow us to generate measurable impacts swiftly - no matter where your projects stand.

The Workplace of the Future

Working remotely, collaborative environments, relational spaces, artificial intelligence - the nature of work is changing. Your workspaces must facilitate employee engagement, encourage organizational agility and promote the desired culture.

Edgenda's team helps you create human workspaces - physical or virtual - to promote effective communication, collaboration and learning rituals for individuals, teams and organizations. We guide you through your journey: coaching and leadership programs, technological tools, governance, work processes and organization, change management, adoption plans and skills development.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a mindset that must be cultivated to provide the room for manoeuvre necessary for innovation and the continuous improvement of the organization. Enhancing it can serve as a springboard for your digital growth.

Edgenda's team supports your LEAN, Agile, SAFe or ISO transformation to improve your process management, to maximize your value chains, customer experience and employee experience. In automation, optimization, knowledge management or innovation projects for your business and IT processes, our approach allows organizations to be more agile and innovative.


Change and Adoption

In continuous transformation, change and adoption strategies command new approaches to unleash employee enthusiasm in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

Quebec's pioneering leader in change management since 2005 - and founder of the DÉFI framework - Edgenda has been supporting leaders, teams and individuals to embrace change and movement. We implement strategies combining behavioural, analytical and technological sciences. Our initiatives are based on best practices and use innovative approaches to accelerate adoption and skills development in a concrete, measurable way.

End-to-end Solutions


Change Management Training

Do you need help as an agent of change in an ever-changing world? We will share best practices, tools and strategies along with our experience and vision of the evolution of change management and adoption - including coaching concepts. Our objective: prepare you and open your mind to help you support and mobilize your teams, and exercise your role through any change.


LEAN Performance Management System

Real-time information and process stakeholder accountability derive from a suitable performance management system. Our team will help you co-create and implement this valuable communication system. Today's informed and proactive business decisions generate tomorrow's desired results.

From transformation plan to sustainability plan

Rapidly aligning strategies and initiatives, and targeting your most impactful levers increases your velocity and creates anchors fostering proper reflexes and desired culture. In action, we start from where you are. Our intervention model allows us to assess your organization's maturity level rapidly and identify priority areas to secure success.


Organizational Agility

Our experts evaluate your level of the 5 levers involved in improving your organizational agility. We help you orchestrate your efforts, propelling you towards greater agility.


Diagnosis and Normative Framework for Certification

Ensure your practices' compliance with targeted requirements and your organization's reliance on a recognized regulatory and normative framework. For over 20 years, our team has proactively supported organizations throughout the entire process, right up to audit and certification.

ISO Standards and Certifications

We work with over 20 recognized standards. ISO 9000, ISO 27001, ISO 37001, ISO 14000, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO AS 9100, ISO 28000, ISO 31000, SQF Code, ITIL, OSHA 18000, SMS Safety Management Framework, HACCP, C-TPAT, and more. Technology and novel work methods carry new safety and management challenges and requirements. We can help. Your customers and partners are becoming more demanding. Best to think about it now


Operational Excellence

Our experts' analysis and report brush an accurate portrait of your continuous improvement culture as it currently stands. Strategic planning and support during deployment will help you orchestrate efforts and propel you towards a learning culture more quickly.


Delegated Management of your Management System

An effective monitoring solution to sustain earnings and reduce risks. We take charge of your management system endeavouring to maintain and improve your processes, the management activities of your normative frameworks and day-to-day management.

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