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Big doesn’t necessarily beat small anymore.

Strategy and Operations

Your business models will change within the next 5 years. Innovation is accelerating, there is a digital shift in the economy and people are becoming more empowered. The digital revolution brings about an inevitable transformation of the organization, its people and its culture.

Edgenda's multidisciplinary team supports you in developing strategies and initiatives that leverage both human and technology to increase your organizational agility and sharpen your competitive edge.

Digital Strategy

The Edgenda team supports you in drafting your strategic vision and helps you develop a culture of innovation that is aligned with your business strategies.

We oversee the transformation of your IT, HR and training services. Through organizational diagnostics, we help you prioritize your initiatives and ensure the evolution of your teams. Our goal: helping you obtain measurable results quickly, while providing you with a competitive edge to ensure your future. 

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Modern Workspace and Employee Empowerment

Collaborative spaces, mobile workforce, connected and smart environments: the nature of the workplace is transforming to the benefit of employee engagement, agility and productivity.

Edgenda's services guide you through each step of this movement: coaching leaders, infrastructure (cloud-first, mobile-first), security, tools, implementation, work reorganization processes, document management, change management and training programs for users. We help you create a first-class “employee experience” that promotes access to information, tools and support.

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Knowledge Management

In a fast-paced environment, preservation and access to critical knowledge play a key role in the capacity of a business to react to market movements, consumer needs and employee mobilization.

The Edgenda team supports you in identifying, documenting, managing and broadcasting strategic knowledge in your organizational memory by implementing processes that will increase your agility and fuel your capacity for innovation.

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End-to-end Solutions


Strategic Leadership

Based on over 30 years of practice, our program provides support to executives in change management, in developing a compelling vision and in creating an environment that fosters innovation and the emergence of new models.


Training Services Auditing

Our structured intervention program makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of your internal training programs to ensure optimal alignment of your processes with your business needs, the best use of available resources and the successful integration of best practices. 


Organizational Memory

Our "À la trace" model facilitates knowledge and expertise transfer for organizations. Our tools and procedures are designed to reduce the vulnerability businesses face because of personnel changes. We ensure effective transfer and preservation, as well as access to critical knowledge.

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