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Technological challenges are multiplying and creating an infinite number of opportunities. Organizations must consider these advances to enhance innovation and transform their business environment.

Edgenda, at the center of an ecosystem of partners, innovates to bring the best solutions to its customers. As a Microsoft and AWS partner, Edgenda stays ahead of technology trends. Our experts support you with your organization's digital transformation, including strategy, modernization, migration, development, delivery, and business models. We help you eliminate complexity, increase connections with your customers and employees, improve productivity and boost your capacity for innovation and collaboration.

Transforming Data Centers to the Cloud

The cloud computing model enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, increase agility and optimize costs.

Edgenda helps you develop a vision and implement a transformation plan ensuring the evolution and strategic management of your technology infrastructures by migrating to a Cloud solution (Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google). Our approach allows for managing your assets' capacity and availability effectively, ensuring business continuity. Both technology AND people propel the organization. The synergy between our expertise and our training offering adds value to your cloud computing transformation.

Office 365 Becomes Microsoft 365

Office 365 Becomes Microsoft 365

Migration involves transformational challenges requiring multidisciplinary support, including strategic vision, design, implementation, project management, technical support, adoption and change management, and training. Edgenda's unique approach to migration and transition offers services focuses on the user experience. Our exclusive "Cookbook" methodology and our accelerator platform (250+ integrated training capsules) provide the acceleration speed and governance you need to transform.

Provider of Cloud CSP - Tier 1 Solutions

Go for a turnkey service: Maximize the benefits of your collaboration tools and migrate your server instances by opting for a direct CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner.

Microsoft Preferred Partner in Quebec for over 20 years, Edgenda’ team can migrate your instances and tools using a CSP membership service. Ideal solution for organizations that want to innovate and remain agile, we can migrate your systems and applications easily by integrating new practices or cloud hosting (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365). We can help you with license acquisition as well as with adoption by maximizing benefits for your organization.

Chatbot and Virtual Agents (AI)

Your customers and employees command instant support and 24/7 availability.

Edgenda’ team will help you plan, develop and operationalize scripted or learner chatbots. We support the leading natural language understanding platforms such as Microsoft LUIS, Google Dialogflow, and IBM Watson Assistant. We deploy their integration in your organizational environments over different communication channels.

DevOps and Delivery Process

Organizations must invest in DevOps automation practices to deliver and deploy products and services rapidly to customers.

We help you with DevOps implementation, automation tool integration and continuous delivery techniques to simplify and accelerate application launch while ensuring process reliability and quality, from code to production. We support AWS and Microsoft Azure environments, as well as DevOps tools (Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Terraform).

Citizen Development (Microsoft PowerApps & Power Automate)

The citizen development approach (low-code development) allows for creating efficient applications quickly.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Edgenda helps your organization accelerate the adoption of this new development platform. Our team can rapidly identify application needs and recommend the best solution for you. Training and support of Citizen Developers is a factor of success in deploying this approach. Edgenda is your ideal partner in transforming your business lines' IT skills.


Migrating to Office 365: Human-Driven Evolution

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When organizations decide to go beyond migrating emails or simply updating Office to get the most out of Office 365, they must be open to seeing their migration project differently. With mobility, integrated tools and opportunities for collaboration, they need to review how their IT teams work, and to revamp and rethink certain longstanding processes. More than ever, people are at the core of this (r)evolution.

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End-to-end Solutions


Tech Migration

Optimize your migration process by entrusting your modernization projects to our team of experts. Strategic planning, implementation, change management and user training will ensure your success.


Intelligent M365 Chatbot

Integrate a Chatbot into your operations to facilitate Microsoft 365 office automation and productivity tools buy-in. Enhance employee experience by focusing on your corporate mission's value-added activities.

Cloud Azure and AWS Workshops

Accelerate your Cloud solution deployment and buy-in with our hands-on workshops for architects and technicians. Our field experts evolve with the solution and ensure to transfer best practices to your organization effectively.


Citizen Accelerator

Edgenda conducts co-development workshops that will help define the collaboration and governance structure to implement your citizen development approach.


Office 365 Accelerator

Take advantage of the distinct pedagogical approach within the tool to ease user transition to Microsoft 365. Learning paths, micro-learning and video tutorials - accessible support to demonstrate Microsoft 365's competitive advantages rapidly.

Microsoft CSP Program

Accelerate your Azure, Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 implementation. Edgenda can create solutions, bundle and manage Cloud services from scratch. We provide complete support programs, integrated within your business strategies and adapted for SMEs.

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